Are you tired of doing business online and not talking to real people with field experience? At Universal Appliance we have knowledgeable technicians with well over 40 years combined experience.  

Our parts ordering is so easy you’ll never want to order parts from anywhere else!  We offer low shipping rates, we ship the same day, and we have an amazingly large inventory. We stock thousands, and I mean thousands of parts! All you need is the model number of your appliance, and you’ll be ordering what you are looking for in no time. 

For vintage parts, or parts that you have been told are no longer available, please call us. We will gladly research the parts that you need and see if it’s something that we can get our hands on. We also have an extensive “closeout stock wall.” On that wall is shelves packed full of outdated, or no longer available parts that we would love to sell. As long as you have your model number we are ready to look for you.

So don't hesitate!  Call (315)789-2788 or 1-800-234-8277 today.